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Antarctica: The spectrum of white

SURF’S UP He wanted to be the first person in history to surf a wave in the Antarctic. The crazy Tasmanian. It was towards the end of the expedition and time was running short to find a good wave in … Continue reading

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Aconcagua an ‘easy’ 7000m peak

Uncomfortable statistics: There are many stats about the death toll on Aconcagua. In the three weeks we were on the mountain 7 people died. Only around 20% of people who attempt the mountain manage to summit. There comes a time … Continue reading

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Looking back on 2011

One of my all time heroes is the DOP Tim Chevallier. As a visiting lecturer during my journalism degree he basically inspired me to pursue the life of a freelance adventure cameraman. He’s done everything from filming the migration in … Continue reading

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The creative process

I have to say its all new to me. I have never blogged and as a rule I don’t read blogs. My internet usage for the most part consists of checking my email and perhaps four other sites on a … Continue reading

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