New camera for Antarctica

A short post of some of the footage straight out of my new Sony FS100 on which I will be shooting an Antarctic Expedition in March.

This video is the camera straight out of the box with everything set to auto.

The FS100 is supposed to be an answer to all the frustrations of shooting video on DSLRs like the Canon 5D etc. It has professional audio and focus assist etc etc. There are many better reviews on the camera out there than I can do.

Its always a love hate relationship with a new camera. I initially told my girl friend Marthe that we would have to add an extra pillow to the bed so the camera could sleep with us. After an first frustrating shoot I have decided it will stay in my office where it belongs and will have to earn its place in a cozy bed.

Stay tuned for a more rigorous test in the mountains with cross country skis. I am hoping Norway will be a good place to put gear through its paces before the Antarctic to iron out any bugs or problems with cold weather performance.


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3 Responses to New camera for Antarctica

  1. Barney Swan says:

    Best quality.

  2. trv164 says:

    Hi, I read all of your posts, just curious about your recommendation of the fs100 for the antarctic and cold weather performance. I currently have the fs100 but bringing the 1dx since it is better weather sealed etc.

    • Hi There. I used the FS100 in what must be considered fairly mild conditions for the Antarctic. The Antarctic Peninsula is known as the banana belt and temps rarely get below -10. Your major concern is moisture if you are filming in Zodiacs etc. In this regard I am sure the 1d will stand up better. Like I say I had no issues, but one unlucky splash could have changed this. The FS100 was sponsored so I was esentially trying it out in the conditions. I may have gone for another choice otherwise. Bottom line fs100 will perform great and gives you good audio options. If the weather looks marginal the haul out the 1dx. Have a fantastic time and if you get a chance let me know how it goes. Kyle

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