It takes a little time (Ellesmere Photo Essay)

I’m often amazed at how the look and feel of footage or stills changes over time.

On returning from a long trip it is often straight into an edit, delivering stills and video to sponsors and broadcasters. One is forced to delve straight into the material and start working with it. There is often not time to digest the experience and leave the photos or video until later so you can look at them with fresh eyes.

After my return from Ellesmere Island it was a blur of six months in dark edit suits to deliver the film to our broadcaster. Then it was the chaos of social media and marketing before the broadcast followed by an exhausted crash over the festive season. I woke up yesterday and realised that on the 1 April it will be a year since we set foot on the ice. It was a bit of a jolt. So, I decided to do a little reminiscing last night and for the first time I went through all the photos from the expedition, which unbelievably I have not yet done.

Below is a short photo essay of some of my favourite overlooked shots.



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