Letting go of New Land

The past few weeks have been a blur of getting an amazing amount of materials off to our newly signed distributor PBS International. Our producer Miki Redelinghuys secured the deal and we now have an English version of the film which hopefully will be seen outside of Norway in the not too distant future.

Its really been an eye opening experience securing a distributor and the jury is still out as to whether it will be worth it. The most scary thing is that on signing you essentially have no rights to your own film for the next three years. So there is a lot of trust involved from the filmmakers side that the distributor will work for you and get the film seen and sold.

Another interesting process was the re branding of the film by PBS. They know the market and what will sell. Our initial title to which we have all become attached was New Land: Journey to the end of the world. However, we had to change the title. A painful process. Through consultation with PBS we eventually came up with the slightly cheesy “Mystery of the Arctic Cairn” which to me sounds like something out of a Tin Tin comic. I was initially a bit frustrated by this, but I have to say the title has grown on me and it really is the shortest way to tell the whole film’s story. A cairn, in the Arctic and a mystery about it origins.

I now feel like we are finally at the end of the process with New Land. It is in the distributors hands and we are crossing fingers for good things to come out of it. One thing we do still have control over is film festivals and I will keep you updated as to where it will be screening.

Our thanks go out to all of the incredible people who have supported us through this project. Its been a blast.


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